Rethinking Cancer DVD and Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane

The Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (F.A.C.T.), in keeping with its objective of disseminating information on cancer and its prevention, is now offering The Prevention of the Diseases Peculiar to Civilization, FREE with the purchase of our DVD Rethinking Cancer. The book will be offered as a gift, as long as supplies last. This fascinating little volume, written by the great English physician and surgeon, Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, was first published in 1929 but had become out-of-print by the 1980’s. F.A.C.T. decided to republish it because of the wealth of information it contained vital to maintaining optimum health. With cancer and heart disease the major killers in civilized society, it became apparent to Sir Lane that faulty eating habits were responsible for the increasing incidence of chronic degenerative diseases — conditions essentially non-existent in native cultures. Sir Lane was severely chastised by the medical establishment of his time for his “radical” views on the importance of diet, detoxification and other lifestyle changes. Today we recognize the significance of his work, which should be of great value to anyone interested in achieving health and preventing the diseases of civilization.
Rethinking Cancer DVD and Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane
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